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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kulinary Adventures?
Kulinary Adventures offers strictly kosher, luxury culinary tours throughout the greater New York area. Each tour contains a number of activities specifically designed for food lovers, including participating in cooking classes with distinguished chefs, enjoying specially prepared meals at high-end kosher restaurants, taking guided tours of specialty food markets and stores, wine and cheese tastings, and much, much more. Our goal is to provide an all- encompassing, luxurious experience from the first moment of the tour to its last, to give our fellow Adventurers a culinary experience that is delightful, delicious, inspiring and fun.

How do I know if I'm the kind of person who will enjoy participating in one of your tours?
If you enjoy cooking, are interested in kosher food, and are ready for an adventure unlike any you have ever had before, then our tours are for you. They are open to all men and women over the age of 16; to singles, couples, families and friends; to mothers traveling with daughters, couples on holiday, friends looking for a relaxing getaway … in short, to anyone interested in enjoying gourmet dining and a life well-led (and well fed!).

What is the best part of a Kulinary Adventure?
We are extremely proud of our tour itineraries, and believe we have found the finest kosher chefs, restaurants, lecturers, and locations for our clients to enjoy. But the truth is that these activities are ultimately not the best part of partaking in a Kulinary Adventure. Our fellow Adventurers are. They are the ones who bring a spirit of adventure and fun, who delight in sampling new foods, trying new things, and enjoying the best that life offers. The camaraderie and friendship that develops on these tours is inevitably one of the high points, and what we believe to be the most special part of a Kulinary Adventure.

What is your kosher certification?
All restaurants and markets we visit are supervised under the major kashrut authorities: OU, OK, Chof K, and Kehilla Kashrus or a community recognized Orthodox hashgacha. Our cooking classes and chef demonstrations will either take place on-site at kosher-certified restaurants, synagogues, or at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, whose kitchen is under the supervision of Orthodox Rabbi Abraham Marmorstein. All food, including wine, cheese, and any appetizers offered throughout the day, will match these strict kashrut guidelines, although some cheeses may not be Cholov Yisrael.

During the tour, how will we be getting from place to place?
For short distances that are too far to walk we’ll have car transportation. For our longer distance trips we have an air-conditioned minibus.

How much do your tours cost? What does that cost include?
Our tour costs $299 per person and includes all activities, food charges, transportation between locations, and gratuities.

I will be coming in from out of town. Do you provide hotel accommodations?
We are happy to advise you on great hotels near our tour in all price ranges. Please contact us for more information.

How do I sign up and reserve a spot on the tour?
Please proceed to the Reservations page and submit the required information.

What is your cancellation policy?
Any cancellations prior and including July 22, 2012 will receive 75% of the amount paid. Any cancellations after and including July 22, 2012 are not subject to a refund. Full refunds will be made if Kulinary Adventures needs to cancel a tour.

I have a few more questions. Who can I contact for additional information?
For any and all questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 646-823-7529. You may also e-mail your queries to us at info@kulinaryadventures.com.

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